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Brand Integrity

Every year trillions of cigarettes
are smoked for relaxation and enjoyment

An unknown fraction of the billions of packets sold everywhere in the world are fake counterfeited products. Very often, counterfeiting goes along with smuggling, as the contraband of cigarettes is a steady an important income of many criminal organisations worldwide. This double jeopardy is hitting the affected international brands and the local governments alike.

Fake cigarettes are not going through the same quality processes guaranteed by trusted manufacturers, the products being then exposed to all kind of flaws, up to health endangering ones. Global leaders in this industry are suffering from loss of income and damaged image. The missing tax income from fake and counter banded cigarettes and cigars are leaving major holes in national budgets.

Tobacco, cigars and cigarettes are packaged for sales and are therefore in an excellent condition to benefit from the authentication and counterfeiting protection of ViDiTrust technologies.