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Brand Integrity

The fashion industry’s many brand are leading the counterfeiting hit parade in the world wide scourge

Creativity, craftsmanship, commercial acumen and retail deployment lead to small or large volume production of higher priced items which are regularly the target of counterfeiters in developing countries, but also in well-developed one’s.
It is believed that counterfeit fashion goods cost European brands the value of 9.7% of their total sales every year. This percentage has been boosted by the arrival of the Internet and e-commerce owing to the anonymity it gives to fraudsters.

However, the phenomenon of counterfeiting is as old as couture itself. In the early 1900s, fashion forgers often sketched designs they saw in Paris shows and sold reproductions in France and overseas.
By 1914, more than two million fake couture labels had been sewn into garments.
Luxury goods with their prestige and price tag attached are a premier target of counterfeiting.

All brands in the luxury segment without exception are regularly victims of fake productions of goods.
Their craftsmanship is sometimes very close to the genuine parts, but the huge investment in marketing and promotion of these goods and their brand is severely damaged by counterfeiting.

The damage inflicted by counterfeiting is double:

  • Loss of income and return on investment
  • Damage to the brand, because of poor product quality and declining sales or pressure on margin

For products in those categories, packaging and labelling, as well as identification means like “ownership cards” can be authenticated with the ViDiTrust technologies.