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Brand Integrity

Fake medicine and defective medical equipment is something no patient wants to be confronted with

Nonetheless, there is counterfeited medicine worth billions in circulation. It ranges from non-prescription vitamin or nutritional complements, to highly specific prescription medicine for life threatening ailments and no medical branch is spared from the growing counterfeiting menace.

Very popular medicine like sexual enhancement treatments are purchased over the internet from mostly unknown sources.

The fact that many fakes preparations are made of harmless, but useless ingredients is another risk, as the false belief to having taken a treatment for a condition, but having taken a placebo can worsen the condition and harmfully delay the true treatment of the illness.

Having the possibility to check the authenticity of the product before administration can avoid major health problems.

Medicine is mostly packaged in cardboard boxes, which are an ideal medium to be equipped with ViDiTrust solutions.

Medical equipment and their spare parts are not safe from counterfeiting either. From the smallest scalpel, over stethoscopes, blood pressure measurement equipment and even larger medical machines, they are all exposed to fake reproductions, putting at risk the health and life of patients and the reputation of medical personnel or institutions.
The products themselves can be labelled, as well as packaging for smaller parts.