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Business foundation

Counterfeiting worldwide is generating an estimated € 2 trillion of economic damage and no industry is safe from the economic damage and the risks for health and safety hiding behind the fake products. Over the years, all industries have tried different means to secure transactions and ensure that only genuine products are appearing on the world markets. The extension of the damage indicated above shows, that none of the technologies on the market right now have reached an adequate level of protection to ensure ubiquitous use. Complexity, costs and missing end-to-end procedures are the main reason for the continuous damage.
With their smart solution ViSeQR (read visecure), ViDiTrust have introduced a new benchmark for cost effective and highly secure anticounterfeiting measures. The principle proposed, based on the patented technology of ViDiTrust, is easy to implement:
The product to be secured is labelled with a printed marker composed by a coloured frame and an integrated QR code. This image can be read by every modern smartphone on the market and the reading automatically redirects the inspector to the ViDiTrust website, where an application can be downloaded within seconds. Once the application is on the smartphone, a camera window with an identical look and feel as normal Q- code readers allows the scanning of the marker and the automatic fast control on the ViDiTrust database will generate a “true” or “fake” message. The authentication is registered on the ViDiTrust servers and is helping geolocalization of the inspection and of its results.
As ViSeQR is intended to become the standard mean of authentication for anti-counterfeiting control, the large dissemination of the application on smartphones will allow permanent direct repeat usage.

The application is meant for B2B and for B2C business environments, is easy to deploy in any kind of industry and with the product portfolio offered, a high safety level at very low cost and with no specific constraints can be achieved to the satisfaction of both the suppliers, professional clients and end-consumers.
ViDiTrust supplies the technology directly on products or on packaging and with different levels of authentication, the highest being also a very powerful mean of geolocalization for the protected goods.

Industrial solutions

The ViDiTrust technology can be deployed easily in all industries. Counterfeiting appears in general, where strong brands or unique product features have created a de facto monopoly for that solution. Investment in R&D and in marketing have generated a premium positioning with adequate margins. This fact attracts predators interested in unjustly cannibalising the market share via counterfeiting.
ViSeQR (pronounce visecure), the ubiquitous authentication solution based on the patented ViDiTrust technology is simple to deploy. A marker fulfilling the following requirements must be integrated into the labelling or package printing process, respecting the safety protocol, which is part of the ViSeQR process.
The print must have the following characteristics:
– Frame printed in four-colour process on offset or serigraphic printers; all four-colour process colours are acceptable, allowing branded printing and respect of corporate identity
– QR code printed in offset or serigraphic process (direct integration)
– For higher levels of authentication, the QR code can be incremental (two-step integration via digital or
thermo-transfer printing) and a serial code can be printed underneath the marker
It is as simple as that. No complications, no further constraints and therefore a solution, which can be deployed in a ubiquitous way on large volume production, as well as on very small series production.

Target markets

Therefore, the focus of ViDiTrust is on the following industries, where specific applications were developed:
(Safety, Authenticity, True Identity, Brand Integrity, pictograms to be used on any of these paragraphs according to applicability)