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Documents & Ticketing

True Identity


Brand Integrity

Every year, billions of documents are realized by lawyers,
bailiffs, public and private contract partners on
letterhead supposed to authenticate the source of the
document and its genuineness

Unfortunately, todays stamping and photocopying technologies have reached a sophistication way beyond the past standards. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult, analogue to the digital document world, to certify, that a contract, a deed, an extract of an official document …etc. is genuine. Using the ViDiTrust technology, trusted printers can realise TrueDoc original documents, templates and certificates.
During the printing process, these papers based documents are printed with a personalised ViSeQR® marking in a non-intrusive position. Once the paper has been used for authentic document creation, it can be always identified with the click of a standard smartphone, where the ViSeQR® application was downloaded.
The same principle can apply to lottery ticket, sweepstake tickets, entry tickets for cultural or sports events and other large volume tickets.