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ViSeQR technology

ViSeQR technology protects companies from counterfeiting and ensures the traceability of products. It also allows the collection of data for market researches, thanks to its cloud platform. Itís a customizable solution, easy to integrate into the production process. The consumer can verify in a simple and intuitive way, directly from her/his device, the authenticity of the product that she/he is buying: just taking a picture of the stamp and verify it on the free App.

Smart stamp

The smart stamp goes beyond a common bar codes with a procedure developed by ViDiTrust which establish an univocal link between the public information (present in QRcode) and the “private” information (invisible to the human eye). The following image reproduces an example of a smart stamp in the square design version, that measures approximately 2×2 cm and, as can be seen from the image, has the size of a coin of 2 euro cents.
Smart stamp (real size)

The smart stamp is NOT a simple QR code: its frame is not reproducible and the integration of the stamp in the graphic prints generates printed elements fully uncounterfeitable.

The app for Android is available at: Try it now

The app for iOS is available at: Try it now

The consumer can verify the authenticity of the product directly from his/her device in a simple and intuitive way: just shooting the stamp (with a smartphone endowed with a camera of at least 12 Mpixel) and verifying the authenticity with the app that is connected to the cloud system.

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