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Food & Beverage



Brand Integrity

The food industry is an endangered industry regarding fake products, because of the large volumes of products in circulation, the relative ease of copying products at face value and the huge investments large manufacturers are making into brand build-up and maintenance

The food and beverage industy is forced to fight counterfeiting on a daily basis, the risk of smuggling and tax evasion leads to serious damage to almost the entire population. Food and beverages are easy to reproduce in their appearance and the end consumer has no way of verifying authenticity and origin before purchasing or consumption.

Food Made in Italy companies suffer damages for millions and millions of euros because of the forgery! It is estimated that 121 billion euros of counterfeit goods enter the EU each year, 3 million euros per day (source Quality Control Repression Fraud).

ViDiTrust has devised a solution that visually appears as a QRcode with a colored frame around it: ViSeQR. Patented, to protect the products of Made in Italy companies, sustainable and easily integrated into existing production processes, ViSeQR has the advantages of QRcode but cannot be cloned!