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ViDiTrust have patented a visual recognition technology enabling the control of counterfeiting with simple and affordable means.
With their technology, ViDiTrust want to make a significant contribution to fighting counterfeiting.

Features & benefits

Easy to deploy via printing

Nearly all of what we are consuming is packaged and packed and printing labels, packages or stickers is a very easy was to deploy a counterfeiting technology.

Easy to deploy via printing0%
Easy to control via smartphone

Smartphone penetration has reached capillary levels in the developed world and continue to grow. We are increasingly doing everything with our smartphone and being able to authenticate and trace & track goods with a smartphone is the only right solution.

Easy to control via smartphone0%
Visual warning effect

Like every warning sign, the immediate effect of a ViSeQR® marker on a protected product is a clear indication, that the provenience and the quality are supervised, creating an undeniable deterrent for the low level copiers.

Visual warning effect0%
Very high level of safety

The printing “fingerprint” discovered by ViDiTrust is a very powerful and efficient mean to trace back to the authorised right holder a product marked with ViDiTrust technology.

Very high level of safety0%
Cost effective with no surprises

The printing of the ViSeQR® marker is made during the normal packaging or label printing process at no supplementary costs. A part of the volume linked fee for accessing the powerful database, there is no hidden fee.

Cost effective with no surprises0%
Allowing powerful geolocalization

The inspection of the marker via smartphone allows tracking and tracing, as well as a powerful geolocalization of the controlled goods and the buying customers. Supplementary information given to the customer during the inspection process is a powerful marketing tool as well.

Allowing powerful geolocalization0%
Quickly implementable

You can buy stickers and labels to your format directly from ViDiTrust and start straight away. Or you implement the ViSeQR® marker into your packaging or labelling design and print it at your usual offset or serigraphic printer within the ViDiTrust safety protocol.

Quickly implementable0%
Customizable to each industry

ViDiTrust can taylor solutions to adapt to each specific application and industry. Different marker formats, different market content and customised information and data management on the ViDiTrust server allow for full customization

Customizable to each industry0%