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SecureDRM and SecureImage

SecureDRM and SecureImage are proprietary technologies
designed to meet the requirements of the protection of digital information.

Secure DRM

SecureDRM is a module that ensures the protection of data stored on the user device, making it appear inaccessible content in the case of unauthorized copying to other devices.

Secure Image

SecureImage increases the potential of the DRM going to protect images with invisible watermarking algorithms able to claim paternity in the case of unauthorized use.

Why protect digital content?

The use of SecureDRM and SecureImage  is useful in all scenarios where sensitive data, once stored in the users’ devices for online and offline use, are potentially subject to misuse or potential theft. Application scenarios ranging from protection copyright to the secure storage of files of specific application. The two technologies are the ideal solution in all cases with a common need of data protection, security in the fruition of the content and check of use of information (theft or copy)