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Food & Beverage



Brand Integrity

The food industry is an endangered industry regarding fake products, because of the large volumes of products in circulation, the relative ease of copying products at face value and the huge investments large manufacturers are making into brand build-up and maintenance

With the recent recrudescence of sometimes life threatening allergic reactions in an ever-increasing part of the population, the need to ensure genuineness of products and of safety properties guaranteed by a trusted manufacturer is getting paramount.

The beverage industry is submitted to similar challenges, with on top – for alcoholic beverages in most countries worldwide – the risk of smuggling and of tax evasion – and therefore damage to nearly everybody – is extremely present.

Luckily for these industries, most of the products are sold in protective and informative packaging and/or can be labelled with the patented technology of ViDiTrust. It is therefore an area of predilection for the simple, cost effective and highly efficient authentication and security solutions of ViDiTrust